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  • AGBs-Terms and Conditions of

    ViP Limousine Service Zürich


    1. Applicability

    The terms and conditions below are valid for all contracts relating to the rental of vehicles of all kind of ViP Limousine Service Zürich. A contract is concluded if this has been confirmed by the firm of ViP Limousine Service Zürich by signature or email. On placement of the order the customer (also referred to as the Principal) declares that he/she agrees to all the points specified in these terms and conditions. All our services are subject to these terms and conditions in full insofar as these have not been amended or supplemented through written agreements.

    2. Offers

    Our offers are for a specified, limited period only; they are confidential and may only be viewed by those persons processing the offers.
    The prices in our offers are binding and apply to payment by bank or postal transfer. A commission fee of 5% will be charged on payments by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express). For all-inclusive agreements, the price is valid for the agreed contract period. Unless agreed otherwise in writing, all prices are stated in Swiss francs and exclusive of VAT (currently 8%).

    3. Payment terms

    In the absence of any written agreement to the contrary the total costs as per the invoice are due for payment no later than 10 days after the order date. In the event of late payment, ViP Limousine Service Zürich will charge the customer interest at 15% and late payment charges of 20 CHF per reminder. ViP Limousine Service Zürich is entitled to request a deposit of 50% on the submission of order.

    4. Cancellation of contract

    Cancellations will only be effective if they are submitted in writing, whether by email, letter or fax. A corresponding notice of confirmation from ViP Limousine Service Zürich to the customer is required.

    The following charges will be billed for cancellations:
    x Up to 48 hours before commencement of contract: no charge
    x 48 -24 hours before commencement of contract: 50% of the costs
    x Less than 24 hours before commencement of contract or no-show: 100% of the costs

    5. Carriage

    The drivers of ViP Limousine Service Zürich are in possession of a valid driving ticket for the carriage of passengers. There is no obligation to carry passengers. Food and drink is not permitted in the vehicles. The carriage of pets is not permitted. Smoking in the vehicle is totally forbidden. The passengers must follow the instructions given by the driver. The wearing of seat belts in the vehicle is compulsory; failure to comply with this requirement will render any claims for injury invalid. If passengers act contrary to the instructions of the driver, or if they pose a threat to safety in accordance with the Road Traffic Act, ViP Limousine Service Zürich or its driver shall be entitled to exclude these persons from carriage. In this case, the full rental price, including all incidental and special services, will be charged. ViP Limousine Service Zürich is freed from its service obligation if a statutory order is issued banning travel due to an ozone or smog warning etc., or as a result of force majeure (storm, snow, ice, etc.).

    6. Delays

    Additional costs incurred as a result of delays will be charged to the customer unless the delays are the fault of ViP Limousine Service Zürich.

    7. Data privacy

    ViP Limousine Service Zürich gives an assurance that all data will be treated as confidential. No data will be passed to third parties.

    8. Liability of the customer

    The costs of damage caused to the vehicles and their interiors, such as excessive dirtying of the seats, carpets, side and roof panels, as well as improper use of the equipment by passengers must be met by the passengers.

    Visible damage and claims must be reported immediately at the end of the journey. Claims for damage which is not immediately apparent must be filed in writing 7 days after the end of the journey. The statute of limitations for claims for damage as a result of wilful intent or gross negligence is 3 years.

    9. Liability of the company

    No liability whatsoever will be accepted for any damage or vehicle breakdowns unless these are attributable to gross negligence on the part of ViP Limousine Service Zürich.

    10. Place of performance and jurisdiction

    Swiss law applies exclusively to all disputes. Zurich is the place of jurisdiction.