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    about shopping in Zürich:

    Zürich is the biggest city of Switzerland and filled to the brim with amazing shopping spots. In fact, our shopping selection is so celebrated that people come to our great city just to experience shopper’s paradise. But parking downtown is a hassle, not to mention expensive. Why not rent a Luxury Limousine Sedan for your shopping trip in Zürich?. With one call, your vehicle will pick you and your friends up and take you from one shopping paradise to another, helping with your bags and purchases along the way.

    Shopping Limousine Service

    about service:

    ViP Limousine Service Zürich can be great for shopping excursions regardless of season – but imagine how much more you’ll love holiday shopping when you aren’t walking against the brutal Zürich winter wind, lugging your purchases behind you and hoping you find your car (wherever you parked it)? Instead, you can enjoy a warming glass of wine and rest your tootsies in a luxurious, temperature-controlled vehicle between shops.

    Shopping Limousine Service

    about best shopping place in Zürich:

    • Zürich Bahnhofstrasse – Bahnhofstrasse is home to some big names, from Lord & Taylor to Tiffany’s, Ralph Lauren, Louis Vuitton, Swarovski and more. Whether you’re shopping for home goods, jewelry, apparel or a wedding gift, you’ll find it here.
    • Zürich Down Town – With stores like Philippe Pfeiffer Jewelry, Apple, Whisky Shop, Teddy’s Souvenir-Shop, Bazaar, Macho City Shop, Modissa and countless other amazing shops, you’re bound to find something for everyone on your list at Down Town Stores. Have a single store in mind? Our knowledgeable chauffeurs know which entrance will get you to your destination quickest.
    • Zürich Sihl City  – Like Newyorker, Sihl City is an upscale shopping mall with an amazing selection of stores, including: s.Oliver, Tommy Hilfiger, Marc O’Polo, Espirit, H&M, Big Boyz and more.
    • Zürich Airport– For an enjoyable outdoor shopping mall experience, you’ll definitely want to visit Zürich International Airport Shopps. With Christ, Edel Weiss Shop, Globus, Lacoste, Marionnaud Paris and dozens of others like a Victorionex or Swatch.

    Shopping Limousine Service

    about reservation:

    Reserve Our Vehicles By The Hour. You can shop for as little or as long as you want. For all of your Zürich shopping transportation needs, we recommend that you reserve your vehicle and driver by the hour. This ensures that your vehicle is waiting for you when you are done shopping, whether you end up tiring quickly or going for a world-record.

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    ViP Shopping Limousine Service