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    Available in the finest luxury sedan, our “BY THE HOUR” service provides premium transportation for people who appreciate their time and service quality. With our service for hire in Zürich, you may direct your driver to any destination in Switzerland or EU and have them wait for you. It is ideal for those wishing to go from meeting to meeting, tour the city or shopping in town.

    Rental Limousine Service

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    For a respectful guests we are just the rental car service you need. ViP Limousine Service Zürich proudly presents an updated fleet of black Mercedes S-Class Sedan Cars, considered the flagship of corporate transportation. This vehicle is suitable for any business trip, a family journey or a travel from/to Zürich on your own. Each spacious vehicle offers ample leg and head room, and can accommodate up to four adult passengers. The Mercedes sedan is perfect for shopping day in the Banhofstrasse of Zürich City, or for transfer from/to any International Airport in Switzerland or EU. Let one of our experienced, professional chauffeurs guide you in or around Zürich City in comfortable style.

    Rental Limousine Service

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    Luxury limo rental in Zürich offers an ideal alternative to the stress, rush and trouble of having to find public transport. Reserve one of our luxury sedans today for your next business outing or shopping trip to Zürich or all Swiss area. ViP Limousine Service Zürich is your one rent a limousine service stop-shop for all your ground transport needs.

    Rental Limousine Service

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    Allow us to help you and make your next transfer more comfortable and seamless journey, whether it be an: airport transfer, special event or corporate function. Our luxury sedans and friendly team of professional chauffeurs will no doubt cater to your schedule for all your important occasions. With a ultimate Mercedes sedan we can meet most demanding needs.

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