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    about Airport Zurich:

    Airport Zürich AG is the owner and operator of Zurich Airport. It ensures that the demand for direct connections to the world’s major cities is satisfied. Thanks to the high quality of its services, Zurich Airport enjoys an excellent reputation. As Switzerland’s gateway to the world, Zurich Airport is a quality airport at the heart of Europe, offering excellent access to interna- tional, national and regional transport networks. Zurich Airport regularly wins awards for its excellent air and ground transportation services, short transfer dis- tances, friendly staff, the cleanliness of its infrastructure, the reli- ability of its processes and other quality indicators. This perfor- mance can be credited to around 26,900 employees at more than 285 partner companies, who ensure each day that passengers and visitors enjoy the time they spend at Zurich Airport. As a semi-public listed company, Airport Zurich oper- ates one of Switzerland’s most important transport and meeting hubs in Switzerland – Zurich Airport. The airport’s key mission arising from the Confederation’s licence mandate is to satisfy the demand for direct connections to the world’s major cities. In doing so, Airport Zürich takes equal account of the three aspects of cost-efficiency, environment and social responsibility, while seeking to increase the company’s competitiveness and credibility as well as add to its value in the long term. The com- pany focuses on its core activities: serving as a national and in- ternational airport operator, being a leading Swiss operator of landside and airside commercial centres, and profitably managing and further developing real estate at its Zurich base. Airport Zürich employs around 1,700 staff.

    Zurich Airport

    about Aviation:

    All the tasks required for ensuring safe, efficient and high quality flight operations are grouped together in the Aviation division. These include all the services provided for passengers in the de- parture, arrival and transfer areas, the coordination of stand allo- cation and the guidance of aircraft on the aprons as well as safety and security. Everything runs smoothly because all major partners are managed by a central control body – Airport Steering. The Avi- ation division is also responsible for all freight-related activities and, together with Aviation Marketing, constitutes the interface to the airlines. Furthermore, the operation of the 800 hectares of air- port premises, including planning, utilities, waste management and maintenance of engineering structures, also falls under the remit of Aviation. Moreover, the Aviation division ensures that avi- ation infrastructures and procedures are developed with a view to meeting demand, and handles all questions related to noise man- agement and resident protection.

    Zurich Airport

    about Ground transportation:

    Zurich Airport is one of the most important transport hubs in Switzerland. As well as connecting Switzerland to about 170 des- tinations worldwide, it serves as a local and national transport hub for both public and private transport. During the past year, in addition to over 26 million air passengers, over 25 million public transport users were recorded landside. An increasing number of these users live or work in the region and make use of Zurich Airport as a convenient transfer point offering some 740 bus, 400 tram, 360 train and one of the most used ViP Limousine Service Zurich with ViP chauffeur service each day. Airport Zurich will continue in future to do everything in its power to maintain and expand its infrastructure in line with demand, whether for air traffic or as an efficient regional transport hub. As a result, it is making a direct contribution to the excellent transport links, the attractiveness and the economic success of the whole region.

    Zurich Airport

    about Traffic:

    Record-breaking was 26 million passengers at Zurich Airport. In the past year, Zurich Airport handled 26,281,228 passengers, setting a new record and exceeding the previous record set in 2014 by 3.2%. In comparison with all major European airports, however, Zurich’s figure is below the average growth rate of +5.0%. In 2015, scheduled airlines operated flights from Zurich Airport to 121 European and 48 intercontinental destinations. A total of 59 scheduled airlines and 15 charter carriers offered services on the route network.

    Zurich Airport

    about Privat Aviation:

    PrivatPort is one of the leading experts in the exclusive ground handling of private jets. Backed up by Swissport International Ltd you enjoy service excellence in 22 countries at more than 80 destinations. PrivatPort affiliated to Swissport Executive Aviation – a leading expert in exclusive ground handling of private jets – service excellence on a worldwide network. Dedicated PrivatPort service by professional operations agents contains a comprehensive aircraft handling and assistance package including passenger and crew lounges, specific ramp areas, flight support services, hotel and vip limousine service bookings, helicopter connections and tailor-made ViP services of all kinds. No matter where you fly in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa or Latin America, your passengers, crew, and aircraft will experience maximum comfort and safety to make arrivals, stop-overs and departures high class. Royal families, heads of states and corporations as well as celebrities select PrivatPort since 2003. Personal, facilities, crew, cargo handling including ViP Limousine Service can be provided at all PrivatPort FBOs. At the headquarters Geneva, Zurich, BaselMunich etc. dedicated small teams of experienced and carefully selected professionals ensure personalized assistance beyond expectation. Supported by a complete implemented FBO One software service excellence is guaranteed.

    Zurich Airport

    about Security:

    From 1th September 2015, the European Union (EU) required spot checks with explosives detectors to be carried out on passengers and their hand luggage. Security checks for passengers and hand luggage were accordingly changed at Zurich Airport. The changes involve more frequent spot checks of hand baggage items as well as new checks to detect traces of explosives on passengers. Test- ing the samples takes just a few seconds using ionisation with ultraviolet light and does not involve a radioactive source. The spot checks with explosives detectors pose absolutely no danger to passengers’ health. Manual checks may also continue to be carried out on passengers.